Failure Lab: WCR Edition

By Katie Gardner (other events)

Thursday, September 13 2018 7:00 PM 8:30 PM EST

WCR is bringing Failure Lab to the Wealthy Theatre on September 13th! This event is open to the public and will feature several local storytellers and performers. Drinks provided.

Failure Lab empowers audience members to persevere by exploring the space between people who fail and quit, and those who get back up again. With a refreshing environment of openness, it helps pave the way for change by crushing the isolation and stigma around failure. Failure then takes its rightful place as the crucial first step to the next big thing. 

The Storytellers:

Sara Moylan - Founder & Co-CEO of Shefit
Jason Ley - CEO, Better Drinking Culture
Laketa Alexander - Founder, Alex Chantal
Meghan Reece Heritage - Broker/Owner at BlueWest Properties
Rachael Steil - Executive Director of Running in Silence 
Tim Wilson - Lead Pastor of South Harbor Church

The Entertainers:

Deavondre Jones
Freddy Shier
Chain of Lakes
Jim Shaneberger
Keegan Loye

The Details:

Doors open at 6:00.
Program goes from 7:00 - 8:30ish.
The bar will stay open until 9:30pm.
Wealthy Theatre - 1130 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

How does it work?

Failure Lab mixes powerful stories, music, and audience interaction to create an intimate evening of discussion and learning. 


Each storyteller shares a personal failure. There’s no talk of lessons learned or who’s to blame – just the story of what went wrong.

Audience Members:

After each narrative, there is time for the audience to reflect and share via social media what the story means to them.


A performance follows each story to clear the air and recharge the room.

Embrace it, learn from it, build on it.

By talking about failure, the audience can begin a dialogue about how the local community can help foster success. Failure then takes its rightful place as the crucial first step to success.